The Trailside Center is a multi-purpose facility located just south of downtown Pequot Lakes and is connected to the Pequot Lakes Baptist Church.  The Trailside is available for use by the community as well as the church.  It has been used for a variety of events – concerts, family movie nights, dance performances, basketball, volleyball, softball and other sporting practices, open houses, wedding receptions, company parties and conferences, walking, fitness, racquetball, our AWANA kid’s club, our Youth Group and much more. 

The Trailside Center (including racquetball court) is NOT available for public use during the following days & times due to our church activities:

• Sundays from 6:00am to 12:30pm (year round)
• Wednesdays from 4:30pm—8:30pm (Sept.—April)

Please make sure to regularly check our Trailside calendar for times there are big events or it is closed.

If you are interested in scheduling the Trailside Center for use, call Pastor Mike or Amy Drown at 218-568-4794 or email Amy at

Down Syndrome child playing at piano

There are two large class rooms available that can each have up to 3 tables with seating for about 20-24 total.  Each room also has a dry erase board.

A separate dining room is located right off the kitchen with room for 4 tables    seating for about 28 total.  For larger groups, i.e. wedding receptions, open houses, etc., tables and chairs are available to arrange in the gym area.  The gym can easily seat 300-350 people around tables for an event.


The Trailside fitness room is available to women of all ages – no membership required!   The machines were donated by a local Curves, so the equipment is designed specifically for women, so no men or children please.   Just call Pastor Mike or the church office to get a keycard and access code to the room.  Throughout the year, we also have many walkers walking the hallway and gym areas – any adult is welcome to get a keycard for walking or using the gym as well.

The Trailside Center houses a full size, regulation basketball court.  Volleyball standards and court boundaries are also available.  It’s been used for practice by basketball teams, dance teams, softball teams and more.  The large stage has also been used for dance recitals and various concerts.  Dressing rooms are available behind the stage for set up.  During the winter months, our church usually has an adult volleyball league going on, along with our AWANA kid’s club and youth group activities – just call the church office for details.  The gym is also a great space for large events like wedding receptions, open houses, our annual Wild Game Feed, and more.

The kitchen at the Trailside Center is a commercial kitchen with large convection ovens and gas grill top.  A standard stove top and oven is also available.  There is plenty of prep space and serving space for large events.  It is located right off the south end of the gym.

The media room, or multi-purpose room, can seat between 40-50 people and is great for presentations or group meetings.  The large white wall allows for projecting power point presentations and videos –  must provide your own equipment.

The Trailside racquetball court is located just off the northwest corner of the gym and is available for anyone to use –  those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  Call Pastor Mike or the church office for a keycard. Your own equipment is required. 

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Trailside Center FAQ

Anyone is welcome to use the Trailside Center, as long as it is not illegal, immoral, or against our church doctrine.  Besides our church activities, many community organizations and individuals use our facility.  Those under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.

We do not charge a fee for the use of the Trailside Center.  However, donations are welcome and go towards the costs of utilities and maintenance.

There are all kinds of activities throughout the year at the Trailside – just check out our Trailside Events Calendar.  Some of the regular activities and events offered through Pequot Lakes Baptist Church include:  AWANA kid’s club, Youth Group, Winter Volleyball league, Archery Club, Wild Game Dinner, VBS, and many other events.  Call our church office at 218.568.4794 or email for more info on any of these activities.  Community groups that use our facility include:  boy scouts, weight watchers, AA, 4H, a couple women’s fitness groups, PL Community Education, and more.  The Trailside Center has a full size gym, racquetball court, fitness room, and lots of area for walking.

You can stop by our church office on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 10am and 4pm to get your own personal keycard.  To receive your keycard, you will need to bring in your driver’s license or photo ID and be willing to sign a waiver.

The Trailside Center is tobacco free, drug free, alcohol free, and profanity free.  Please use it, don’t abuse it, and clean it up when you are finished.  Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Reserve Our Racquetball Court Below

Below you can find a list of available time slots for the Racquet Ball Court Reservation. Click on a time slot to proceed with booking. 

Any days or time slots that are grayed out are already reserved or the court is closed for an event.